I Could’ve Made The Call

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Lately I’ve been going through what most girls go through on their Purity Walk: the dreaded Time of Thirst. It is a thirst beyond comparison. It is the time when we start to crave companionship – usually accompanied with idle hands – and, for some odd reason, it feels as if you would just explode. Like your vaginal walls will say, “that’s enough! I’m out of here,” walk away and hop on a stranger’s motorbike.

Well, all dramatics aside I was definitely going through this for about a month. A MONTH. I still had a few numbers I could have called, persons I could have messaged, to relieve me of my thirst. I wasn’t about to go there. No way, in my 20 years of purity walking, would I give in this easily. I had decided to remind myself of the reason why I was doing this in the first…

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