DAY 1: Old Habits Die Hard, New Ones Need A Cesarean

Here is how Day 1 went. For more updates on how I’m doing during this 3-week challenge on creating new habits and triumphing over old please check out my personal blog Pink Crosses.

Join the challenge! What new good habits would you want to become a part of your daily life? Let me know. Make a list and join the challenge. Good habits improve ALL aspects of your life. Trust me, this first blog says it all!


Day 1 of course was a stumble. From this morning I had a bit of trouble breaking out of some old habits to make new ones.

My biological clock woke me up at 4am, my actual alarm clock didn’t wake me up at all… there went my scheduled “Morning Time with Jesus.” My mother woke me up at 7:30am to tell me to be ready by 8am! No breakfast, no bed-making, no Jesus – I had ran to the shower, through on some clothes, and even ending up finishing my hair on the BUS STOP. How horrible is that? 😦

But, it’s okay, the day got a bit better. I had somehow managed to finish up work that should have already been done. PHEW. I hope I’ll get a good grade. My day at the college was fair, minus Satan intervening (for the first time, I had…

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