LILIC: Be a Miracle to Others!

LILIC (Lessons I Learned In Church – The “c” is silent, so it sounds like the lily flower.) are recaps of what I learned from church the prior Sunday.

Side Note: It’s always a delight when friends and family read my blogs! 🙂 I hope and pray that there are people out there who are broken, lonely, and lost but somehow stumble upon my blog and feel the love of God. May you too feel God’s presence with my words which belong to Him. All Glory to Him and Him only.

Sunday, May 19, 2013 after Praise & Worship we watched a video of Pastor Nick Vuijcic who preached at CCF (Christ’s Commission Fellowship church) in Manilla, a branch of the church. If you do not know who Pastor Nick is then I suggest you check out

“If you don’t believe in heaven, how can you have a positive attitude?” Life would just be for the sake of living, for mere existence. People are depressed and oppressed for many years of their lives, maybe some still are, and without heaven they live life without hope. In Mumbai, India the virginity of young girls is sold (sometimes by their own family members) to pay off debts; these girls are as young as eight years old. They then must have sex with 800 men in order to pay off their debts (of about $800 for example). By the time they are free to go they are detrimentally hopeless, and with nowhere to go, no one to run to, what are they supposed to do now? If they don’t know about Jesus, how can they find hope after what they’ve been through?

A Christian organization, Indian Rescue Mission, has rescued over 238 girls and brought the Good News to them. (Read a story about a 12-year-old girl who was rescued here). With the Good News being made known to them there is hope for a better life. “The Devil has nothing on you if you know the Truth,” said Pastor Nick, “the only thing stopping you from entering heaven is you saying ‘no, thank You, God’.”

Oftentimes, us Christians misunderstand what salvation really is. In John 3:16 it says God LOVED the world so much that He allowed His Son’s death, a Holy Sacrifice, so that whoever BELIEVES in Him will have eternal life. Love and Believe. God gives love and we simply must believe. However, many of us believe that we enter Heaven because of our good works. Tell a lost soul, for example a girl sold as a sex slave, that there is a Heaven, that there is a God, and all He wants is for you to do is accept His Son and believe. On the day you return Home God may look over your shoulder and ask, “well, who did you bring?” Currently, are you satisfied with your answer?

You are destined to be a source of encouragement, a miracle, to others. You can bring hope in someone’s heart and a smile upon someone’s face, bringing Glory to the Father.

Lastly, here is an example of how we are all purposed to be an inspiration and miracle to someone. Pastor Nick Vuijicic is a man without limbs; he thought he was the only person born without any limbs. That is, until he met an 18-month-old boy who was also born without limbs. He looked down at that boy, reminiscing on the ridicule and insults he suffered as a child, and knew his life would be an inspiration to this boy when he is older. This boy may grow up mirroring Pastor Nick and give his life to God; he would be filled with the hope and Good News Pastor Nick preaches. He will know there’s more to life than living. 

How will you be a miracle to others?



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